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Scenic runs, trips to outdoor adventure activities, music tours, wine tasting tours, transporting sports teams and the list goes on. Solid, reliable vehicles need to be engaged for the task of carrying large groups of people to and from exciting destinations. That is why Toyota have built a purpose-built coach that can carry 30 people (including the driver) seated in a wonderfully welcoming environment.


The Coaster is a pleasure to behold, with fresh curves and eye-catching angles. Form follows function in every detail of design. A close look at the design reveals the craftsmanship and design excellence. With a comfortable cabin, large comfortable seats, big windows and high ceiling create a feeling of spaciousness.



The Coaster provides many safety features that allow the driver to play an active role in safe driving. Quick acceleration, excellent handling and a high level of braking performance all add up to easy control of the vehicle, assisting in safe motoring.


The seats are extremely comfortable, and the drive train of the Toyota Coaster is powerful and durable, making long trips relaxing and swift. What more could you want from a medium-sized bus? The elegant Toyota Coaster delivers the quality you need for delivering passengers. It puts more enjoyment and efficiency into small bus operation, because Toyota puts people first.


  Seating capacity 29 + driver
  Minimum ground clearance 185mm
  Height 2600mm
  Length 6990mm
  Width 2195mm
  Wheelbase 3935mm
  Diesel Engine - 6 cylinder in line
  Displacement: - 4164CC
  Max output: - 96KW/3800 rpm-129 HP
  Max torque: - 285Nm/2200 rpm


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