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A safe ride for everyone on board

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"A Thoroughbred Workhorse"- A heritage of proven performance with sleek styling and the enhanced capacity of a wide and long body. Tougher and more powerful than ever, the HIACE offers a superb balance of performance and economy. It has plenty of power to carry you wherever you want to go - even with a full load.


Ruggedly built for years of reliable service, HIACE has proven itself on roads around the world. Designed to be tough and durable from the ground up, its dependability is legendary. Whatever types of road you ride on, you'll find the HIACE is always up to the challenge.



Safety is a key concern for everyone, and HIACE incorporates both active and passive measures to help protect the driver and passengers. From excellent visibility that contributes to collision avoidance, to crumple zone construction that helps minimize collision damage, the Toyota commitment to safety is evident in every detail.


Intelligent design assures improved control and driving at all times. Essential indicators and switches are positioned for maximum visibility and intuitive operation and the panel-mounted shift lever allow pass-through access from either side of the cabin. Ergonomic seat design contributes to a fatigue-free driving experience on long trips and in stop-and-go city traffic, keeping you refreshed, alert, and focused on the road.


  Seating capacity 14/15 + driver
  Minimum ground clearance 155mm
  Height 2285mm
  Length 5380mm
  Width 1880mm
  Wheelbase 3110mm
  Displacement - 2494cc - 16V
  Common Rail Diesel Engine - 2KD
  Max output - 75KW/3600 rpm - 100 HP
  Max torque - 260Nm/1600 rpm

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