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LandCruiser Prado

A Heritage of Quality & Reliability

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Rs 3,390,000

With a heritage that dates back over a half century, the Land Cruiser's unrivalled off-road performance and durability have earned it a rock-solid reputation for reliability. And now- inheriting the pedigree of its predecessors while simultaneously realizing superior on-road performance and interior versatility at a high level - Land Cruiser Prado takes a major step forward.


"Refined Styling for an Urban Stage" - With the rugged strength of an off-road leader, and an exterior design that achieves the summit of refinement. Prado has a distinctive individuality that harmonizes magnificently with urban life.



Safety was designed into the new Land Cruiser Prado from the start. Its chassis frame offers excellent impact protection while the low centre-of-gravity, long wheelbase and wide wheel track give excellent handling and stability. A combination of active and passive safety systems ensures optimum protection for driver and passengers.


"Comfortable and Spacious in every dimension" - Prado's distinctively comfortable and spacious cabin assures the satisfaction of all on board. With an instrument panel of quality construction and sophistication, arranged in horizontal-vertical layout of functional simplicity that makes it easy to understand vehicle tilt when driving off-road, brings the superior practicality of 4WD performance to life.


  Seating capacity 7
  Minimum ground clearance 220mm
  Height 1890mm
  Length 4760mm
  Width 1885mm
  Wheelbase 2790mm
  Displacement - 2982cc
  Common Rail Diesel Engine with Intercooler
  Max output - 120KW/3400 rpm - 163 HP
  Max torque - 400Nm/1600 rpm
  Manual transmission - 6 speed


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