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Toyota 86

Fashioned for Sport

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A desire to bring the true delight and joy of driving to a great numbers of people. This was the passion that spurred Toyota engineers to create a low, beautiful, completely sensual and emotional body design.


The design is one that achieves dynamic, functional beauty ideal for a new generation lightweight sports car. The high level of its performance and quality lets every driver feel the true joy of sports car performance. Toyota 86 will ignite your passion for driving.



In the same way that driving excitement runs through the Toyota 86, an absolute commitment to safety runs through Toyota. Safety features on the Toyota 86 include driver and passenger SRS Airbags, SRS Side and Curtain Shield Airbags. A driver's sear SRS Knee Airbag is also available. These airbags help secure safety performance. The Toyota 86 has superior aerodynamic characteristics, light body weight and high stiffness. These result in superior driving stability and a combination of overall safety and sports car maneuverability. To suit your driving style, the switchable VSC system is adjustable through two driving models: Normal or Sport.


Sit in the cockpit and you'll realise that this is no ordinary sports car. The low 400mm hip point gives you a super-sporty feel, while the steering wheel, meters, shift and parking brake lever, switches, seats and other details are designed to enhance your driving pleasure. Elegant, Focused and Driver-oriented. It's what a racing driver expects from a car's interior, and it's a lesson applied to the Toyota 86. You sit low, gripped by sculpted sports seats. The dominant dial is the rev counter. Gear shift, switches and controls are intuitively positioned. Understated yet classic.


  Height 1425mm
  Length 4020mm
  Width 1775mm
  Wheelbase 2570mm
  Number of Cylinders - 4 in line , horizontally opposed
  Valve Mechanism - 16-valve DOHC
  Displacement - 1998
  Compression ration - 12.5:1
  Max.Output kW@rpm - 147@7000
  Max.Torque N*m@rpm - 205@6400-6600


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